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Process Improvement, LLC

International Business Performance Excellence

"Companies that are more efficient than their competitors in providing customers with high-quality goods and services will thrive. Companies that are less efficient than their competitors will perish. “ - Toyota

Process Improvement, LLC experts have international experience leading companies and government agencies through Operational Excellence deployments.  Our goal is building your internal capability and long-term performance excellence. We do this by creating an operational management system that is hardwired, sustainable and adaptable to ever-changing business conditions.

Process Improvement, LLC offers holistic solutions encompassing all aspects of Leadership and Workforce Development, Continuous Process Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma in order to ensure success.

Though training is an important part of any program, at Process Improvement, LLC we are not purveyors of tools and training. We deliver complete solutions in order to build organizational capability and adaptability.

We consistently deliver results because we focus on the four things that make your business successful: Quality, Delivery, Cost, and People.

Success vs. Failure

World-class organizations utilize operational management systems to ensure execution excellence through continual improvement. Companies that build internal capability are adaptable to the ever-changing world conditions and achieve sustainable results, continually increase efficiency and become more cost effective.

Companies that fail don't follow the principles and often believe a collection of tools, will somehow solve their problems. The tools employed by experienced practitioners can demonstrate pockets of success with efficiency improvements and cost reductions, but they are rarely sustained long term.