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Projects - The Primary Vehicle of Organizational Change

A project is “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result" -Project Management Institute

A critical focus area for every business must be project management. Projects are the way companies typically change the way things are done, whether a capital project or an improvement project.

Projects are a company’s primary vehicle of change, yet many have poor project management models, systems and methodologies. The areas of project management that typically suffer the most are planning and risk management.

Companies are too often surprised by issues that should have been identified and managed as risk. Once risk becomes reality it is an issue that must be reacted to for project recovery to happen. It is always better to identify, analyze and respond to risk than to wait and be surprised by an issue occurrence.

Process Improvement, LLC follows the Project Management Institute’s guidelines. We work with customer organizations to develop repeatable project management models that meld with existing project processes, such as change management, and organization-specific and industry-specific nuances that eliminate the possibility of a cookie-cutter implementation. Our risk and issue escalation models can be integrated into any existing risk response and issue recovery processes.